Doing some yoga.

Doing some yoga.


My name is Molly, I am jolly. I like to move. I run, do yoga, teach yoga and CrossFit. I love to inspire people through fitness and have found it a deep passion in my life. I also like eating, mostly paleo, sometimes not.

My family is beyond amazing, my friends make me giggle, I believe that most people are good.

I recently moved to Washington D.C. from Minneapolis and I am really enjoying it!

I teach yoga at CorePower Yoga and lead teacher trainings as well. CorePower Teacher Training changed my life in so many amazing ways- feel free to ask any questions! I also work as the Community Connector and Ambassador for the paleo Food company Power Supply. I get to share paleo food with people and visit gyms all over DC- it is an rocking job, I am a lucky girl.

I hope you enjoy all the silly things I do and say. Feel free to contact me with questions at mollysmusingz@gmail.com